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Achieve complete contract governance with eProcure+. Create, award, finalise and manage contracts with our end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform. Harness the platform's leadership, guiding principles, communications, escalation and learning functions to collaborate with suppliers with confidence.
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Lifecycle Management

  • Segregate user access with automated escalation and approvals with a configurable delegation of authority.
  • Contract delivery, milestone and performance management.
  • Automated contract finance with variation management.
  • Automated contract renewal, option, extension and close.
  • Single-click contract management plan.
  • Single-click GIPA register.

Panel Management

  • Assign owners to panels or sub-panels. 
  • Manage centralised panel documentation.
  • Automate panel renewal, option, extension and closeout.
  • Set up panels as rotational, quotational or ranking based.
  • Automate supplier selection for a panel that uses the rotation method. 



Supplier Management

  • Allow suppliers to manage their information.
  • Receive automatic notifications for any expiries.
  • An organisation can manage supplier:

    • Insurance, certificates and licences (create, request, update and remove)
    • Schedule of rates
    • Contacts
    • Inductions
    • Centralised documentation

Risk Management

  • Comprehensive risk identification for a contract from internal and external factors.
  • Risk Assessment and prioritisation
  • 100% configurable Risk Matrix, control and mitigations.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • Customisable alerts and notifications for internal and external risk owners.
  • Scalability and flexibility around changing business environments, accommodating new risks and regulatory requirements.

Why choose eProcure+?

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Manage email content and workflow the way it suits your organisation. With simple and customisable configuration built-in, avoid the time and cost of additional development.
Never miss a deadline with customisable escalation alerts on contracts, insurance, tasks, actions and licenses expiries.
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Get access to over 40 standard reports including GIPA Act Disclosures, Contract Government and Performance Reviews.
Our intuitive and easy-to-learn system means quick and easy implementation compared to traditional products.
With secure storage, find all your contracts and related documents via embedded links to your document repository like TRIM, Sharepoint or Google.

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